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East Friesland

Leisure & Sports

In the heart of the beautiful vacation region of East Friesland, a vacation region with 1001 possibilities, Köhlers Forsthaus awaits you ...

And the North Sea is very close. In about 25 minutes by car you are at the coast with the seaside resorts and ferry ports to the North Sea islands. Nature between land and sea, characteristic with Geest, marshland, moor and mudflats. The landscape is characterized by dikes, meadows and forests, lakes and river courses, sun and wind - wide land with an endless horizon.

The leisure and sports offer is almost inexhaustible with water sports, cycling, golf, horseback riding, skating ... whatever you like.

Take advantage of the variety of possibilities! Experience history in the East Frieslands cities like Emden, Jever, Leer, Norden, Wilhelmshaven or Dornum.

Art and culture in the numerous museums. For example, the art gallery in Emden finds international significance through the changing exhibitions with works of art by Nolde, Chagall, Feininger and many other artists, Many cultural events such as the "Musical Summer", "Night Orgel by Candlelight", the "Tide Concerts" or the "Knight's Festival in Dornum" have also gained supra-regional appreciation.

Water sports
Cycling By pedal through the healthy air
girl ropes climb
Climbing Up on the trees
Horse riding On the back of the horses
Only those who know their goal will find the way. Laotse
Tao Sports School
people bullet throw
Winter sports Winter sports possibilities in Aurich
people skates explore
Playground Skating, skateboarding and BMX
Golf East Friesland - a small, fine golf country