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Banqueting & Function Rooms

Whether for conferences, meetings, exhibitions or other purposes, Köhlers Forsthaus offers a choice of meeting and conference rooms for every occasion.


This room has all the modern equipment and facilities needed for meetings, workshops, conferences our product presentations. It also has a view and access to the great outdoors.

Meeting Room - Layout
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This 'mirror' room features a view of the parkland garden, small lake and goldfish pool, and a mirrored ceiling. The Spiegelzimmer can be used for informal meetings, as a break-out room or for a group dinner; and also for smaller celebrations for up to 26 people.

Spiegelzimmer - Layout
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Here in Ostfriesland, we like to refer to our living room as the 'Stube'. The glass cabinets with East Frisian porcelain could almost make you think you are in the "front room". Ideally suitable for informal meetings, as a break-out room or for a group dinner. Cosy celebrations for up to 18 people. For “larger” events, the Stube can be combined with the 'Friesenzimmer'.

Stube - Layout
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There is a distinctly Frisian theme to this room, which is decorated in typical Frisian blue and white. Ideal for informal meetings, as break-out room or for a group dinner. Also suitable for functions with up to 48 people. 

Friesenzimmer - Layout
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The magnificent goblins have given this room its name. In keeping with the goblins is the antique furniture, which makes a superb contribution towards the overall feel, giving the room a special ambience and similar atmosphere. This function is popular for small meetings and conferences, or for small-scale product presentations. Also a favourite for small celebrations with up to 28 people.

Gobelinzimmer - Layout
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The ceiling is the first thing to catch your eye when you enter: hot-air balloons float above the room - although they are painted rather than real. This function room has many uses: for conferences, business events for up to 100 people depending on table layout, presentations or exhibitions. 

Saal - Layout
Data Sheet

  Seminarraum Spiegelzimmer Stube Friesenzimmer Gobelinzimmer Saal
Price / Day € 110.00 € 130.00 € 70.00 € 200.00 € 130.00 € 400.00
Area 70m² 34m² 30m² 58m² 43m² 160m²
Length &
7,00m x
5,50m x
3,75m x
7,70m x
5,25m x
11,20m x
Accessible - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
70 20 15 50 30 160
50 20 12 25 20 100
20 15 18 20 25 -
35 21 - 30 - 46
30 16 16 25 20 -
Daylight Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blinds Yes - - - Yes Yes
WiFi Ja Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
- Yes - - Yes Yes
Podium / Stage - - - - - Yes
Köhlers Forsthaus ist in Aurich das einzige Wellnesshotel und ostfrieslandweit das einzige Oldtimerhotel. Das Restaurant wurde mehrfach prämiert. Wir sprechen ein großes Spektrum an Gästen an. Ziel ist es, Köhlers Forsthaus durch Anhebung des Qualitätsniveaus weiterhin wettberbsfähig zu halten, die Marktposition nachhaltig zu sichern und den ständig steigenden Anforderungen nachzukommen. Steigende Belegungszahlen und steigende Umsätze in den Bereichen Restaurant und Wellness sind wichtige Faktoren.
Die Investitionsentscheidung haben wir getroffen, um den Betrieb wettbewerbsfähiger zu machen, Arbeitsplätze zu sichern und den Betrieb hinsichtlich einer Betriebsübergabe an die nächste Generation vorzubereiten. Durch die Erweiterung des Hotels ist es möglich, sozial gerechtere Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen und Arbeitsplätze flexibler zu gestalten.